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01 - Groom and Best Man by Clare Davison

Groom and bestman await bride by Clare Davison

02 - The Band by Aaron Brigatti

The band start playing to announce bride - "It's like a royal wedding!" by Aaron Brigatti

03 - Brides Entrance by Cousins

The beautiful bride makes her entrance... by Cousins

04- Handover by Aaron Brigatti

The honoury brother-of-the-bride gives the groom her hand by Aaron Brigatti

05 - Stephen Kent, Claire Kenyon, Alex Kent and Simon Giddings

The groom and bride lead procession by Kabbie

06 - Nice to know the FBI turned up by Aaron Brigatti

Nice to know the FBI turned up by Aaron Brigatti

07 - Nature's Cathedral by Kabbie

Inside Nature's Cathedral... by Kabbie

08 - Auntie's Blessing by Aaron Brigatti

Blessing the rings by Aaron Brigatti

09 - A Boy Telling a Girl How Much He Loves Her by Aaron Brigatti

A Boy Tells a Girl How Much He Loves Her by Aaron Brigatti

10 - Marry Me Please by Cousins

Marry Me Please by Cousins

11 - First Kiss by Aaron Brigatti

First Kiss by Aaron Brigatti

12 - Missed! by Kabbie

Narrowly survive attack with rice by Kabbie

13 - Signing the register by Aaron Brigatti

Making it official - Alex and Claire at the registry office by Aaron Brigatti

14 - Group Shot by Kabbie

Photos by Kabbie

15 - He's a Fat Groom - part 2 - by Cousins

Boys discover the groom is pure muscle by Cousins

16 - Mine! by Aaron Brigatti

The traditional cutting of the pig by Aaron Brigatti

17 - Dennis and the Pig by Clare Davison

Dennis takes over... by Clare Davison

18 - The Spread by Aaron Brigatti

We ate... by Aaron Brigatti

19 - All Hail The Booze by Aaron Brigatti

We drank... by Aaron Brigatti

20 - Simon's Speech by Kabbie

We gave and listened to speeches... by Kabbie

21 - Cake by Helle

We ate the most amazing, dreamy cakes... by Helle

22 - Swimming by Helle

We even went for a swim! by Helle

23 - Rome Dancing by Kabbie

We danced by Kabbie

24 - It's my party and I'll dj if I want to by Aaron Brigatti

The groom even got to DJ by Aaron Brigatti

25 - Lantern by Cousins

We announced our wedding to the universe with Chinese Lanterns - thanks Cousins! by Cousins

26 - The Perfect End to a Perfect Day - by Cousins

The perfect end to a perfect day by Cousins

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"I've gotta say you deserved to win the dj competition in Brighton. You were def the best by far and Good Luck with your new career! Make sure you ride that passion through your music. It was a pleasure judging you."

Dj James Dove

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