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Alex Kent is a Dj, Music Producer & Photographer currently residing in Brighton United Kingdom. 

Born in 1981, Alex Kent lived in Eastbourne United Kingdom until 1999 when he attended the University of Sussex, Brighton United Kingdomto study Computer Science with Management Studies. In 2002 after graduating with a 2:1 BSc, he formed The StarFields Network Ltdwith the aim of providing a shared office environment for other companies.

As long as he can remember, Alex Kent has always had a fascination for recording moments, scenes & emotion in the form of photographic images. His love of photography was exponentially intensified with the digital revolution. By the middle of 2007, he had taken a whopping 24,000 digital images!

In 2003, Alex Kent fell in love with Djing and the remarkable flexibility of a mixer, a pair of 1210s and some vinyl to create moods and journeys for an audience. He has been producing mix tapes for friends ever since. Alex Kent’s first opportunity to Dj in a club came in 2004 where he rocked ‘Go Ape’ at Club Mango, Brighton United Kingdom. He has had a constant stream of public appearances ever since under the aliases Goblin, Dj Fire, Dj Diamond, Dj Whatever as well as under his own name.

In 2005, The StarFields Network Ltd took control of a personal developement publishing and events company called DragonRising and also a distance learning organisation called The Sidereus Foundation. The Sidereus Foundation is a training organisation and is the official certifying body behind EMO, a revolutionary system for dealing with the Human Energy System.

Alex Kent delved into the world of Music Production for the first time in 2006, producing the amazing Brightdon track with London Producer Chrysus.

In 2010, Alex Kent launched a new company called SpaceNode which offers everyone the chance to own their unique, beautiful and highly connected website.


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"I've gotta say you deserved to win the dj competition in Brighton. You were def the best by far and Good Luck with your new career! Make sure you ride that passion through your music. It was a pleasure judging you."

Dj James Dove

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