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Microblogging Made Easy

Many SpaceNode owners feel guilty that they don't update their website often enough, thinking it's some kind of major task to add a new article, or that the world has to end for something to be of great enough merit to write an article about. With Microblogging, you can add bits of interesting news really quickly and all the time, as and when, straight from your desktop. It's easy, fun, good for your site and here's how to do it - in 4 easy clicks!

Blocks Page Redesign

SpaceNode Blocks are one of the key features for making your SpaceNode unique, clever and feature packed. Because many of us are using them in different areas of our sites, the block listing was getting a little 'over grown'. To address this, we've now redesigned the admin panel to make the blocks much easier to work with...

New Feature: Facebook Page Block Plugin

Just released is a new block plugin for integrating your Facebook pages into SpaceNode. Here are some examples of it in use... Tapping For Kids on (Page Right) EMO Book on (Page Bottom) Energy Awareness Day (Page Bottom) Read-on for a StarFields VIP post by Silvia Hartmann about this and other ways of integrating SpaceNode and Facebook...

Articles Images Dos And Donts 1

New spacenode owners sometimes aren't used to conventions on the Internet of what you can and can't do with images. Every article begs to have an image with it; most people "take" images through a Google image search. That is actually illegal - did you know that?

All Hail The SpaceNode Spider!

One of the many benefits of owning a SpaceNode is that your visitors are able to search your content, news and updates directly from your own website without resorting to using search engines. This means that fewer visitors are leaked to your competitors. SpaceNode Developer Alex Kent discusses how our own success has meant a radical rethink on how we index your SpaceNode websites and provide accurate search results in a fraction of a second

Create A Masthead Banner Image Using

Video tutorial  on how to create a "Masthead Banner Image" using the free online tool . The Masthead Banner Image is displayed at the top of each page on your SpaceNode website.

Create a Site Map

Video tutorial  on how to create a Site Map for your SpaceNode which makes it easier for Search Engines to index your site

How To FTP

Video tutorial  on how to upload images and files to your SpaceNode using FTP

Create a Sliding Category RSS Block

Video tutorial  on creating a sliding category RSS block which is a lovely way of adding dynamic moving content to your website

Creating Pages and Folders

Video tutorial  on how to add pages and folders to your SpaceNode by editing your site structure

Why SpaceNode?

In the eve of the big 1st June 2010 re-launch of SpaceNode as a polished product, chief engineer Alex Kent discusses the reasons for setting up SpaceNode, the unique benefits and gives a sneak preview of what is to come...

Formatting an Article - Working With Anchors

Video tutorial by Nicola Quinn on how to work with anchors within your articles. Includes an example from working on a real-life  FAQ page and also demonstrates a few features of the SpaceNode editor including 'full-screen mode'. Anchors are important because they allow you to link to sections within a page and are often used in long articles. Use of anchors also helps visitors and search engines to navigate your content...

Join A Network

Video tutorial  by Nicola Quinn on how to join your SpaceNode website to a SpaceNode network. If you do not already own a SpaceNode Website, please sign up for one here .

Formatting an Article

Video tutorial  by Nicola Quinn on how to use the SpaceNode inbuilt editor for formatting an article. Topics covered include: creating links, highlighting text, inserting images and playing with smilies. The SpaceNode editor is also used for editing blocks, pages, folders and your homepage.

Upload a "Masthead Banner" image

The "Masthead Banner" image appears at the top of each page on your SpaceNode and is useful for making your site truly unique and building brand identity. A default SpaceNode installation displays the name and subtitle of the SpaceNode until you upload a new masthead banner image. This step-by-step tutorial will guide you through the process of uploading an image...

Post An Article

Video tutorial and step-by-step guide on how-to post an Article on your SpaceNode website. The Articles Module is used to display all kinds of content including lists of articles, news, products, events and blog posts...

Create A New Articles Module Folder

Your SpaceNode comes setup in "Blog Format" meaning that on your home page there will be a list of article summaries which you click through to the article itself. With a SpaceNode, you can have different types of Articles appear in different folders of your website. The Articles Module is highly customisable and can be used for display news, articles, blogs, products and events. This step-by-step tutorial guides you through the process of setting up a new Articles Module Folder on your SpaceNode Website...

1) Setting Up Your New SpaceNode

A three-phase plan for building a gorgeous popular website including information on setting up your SpaceNode, working with your SpaceNode and promoting your SpaceNode...

Change HomePage Welcome Message

Video tutorial and step-by-step guide to changing the homepage welcome message on a SpaceNode website...

Article Categories

Video tutorial on working with Article Categories...
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