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BMW 1200GS Review

by Alex Kent

BMW 1200GS Review

My review of the BMW 1200GS...

Just been leant the BMW 1200GS for the day which is the unmodded version of the bike that those fellas took round the world.

Looks wise, I quite like it. But then I think the Apache helicopter is sexy. That said, if you ever wanted to retrofit any bike with some hellfire laser designated missiles then this BMW would be the one to choose.

This is a massive bike and I've already straigned my poor hand getting it off the sidestand! That said, once you're moving forward the weight is gone.

The riding position is excellent and the feel of the bike is what I expected big american cruisers to be like with all that torque but was oh so disapointed. The 'feel' of the bike is like a cross between a harley and the 125cc that I trained up on that caused me to fall in love with motorcycling in the first place. This bike is sooo much quicker, speedy and moneavourable than you think any big bike ought to be.

I also like the fact that you've got an option of in-ride seating positions so your legs don't get too bored - as well as the pegs you can rest your feet on the cylinder heads and standing up is even comfortable.

I was a bit concerned about this bike when you come to a stop, coz my heals are no where near the floor (short rider syndrome). But I'm happy to say that my fear is no more - as long as I'm not confronted with the need to shuffle about under my own power then all is well.

Though, the bike would be perfect if it had a reverse gear! Not even a gear is needed, just some little motor somewhere coz it's really embarrasing struggling with your bike backwards up a hill into spaces. I can only imagine the BMW 1200GS is a 'forward only' kind of vehicle.

So, on the plus this is an excellent bike. On the negative side, everyone including one of my best friends has already got one.


Alex Kent
October 2009

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Posted Oct 12, 2009 by Alex Kent
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